2016级博士生 张曦  

My name is Zhang Xi, I was born in June of 1994. Now, I am focusing on the interface superconductors and use various methods such as Raman, Photoluminescence and transport trying to figure out mechanism behind the novel phenomenon found in 2D materials. Also I enjoy life very much. I love delicious food and travelling. I am honored to join this group and I will continue my research and life here next three years.


2016级硕士生 王倩

Hello! My name is Wang Qian, comes from shandong province the hometown of Confucius.  I was born in May, 1994, and now studying in Nanjing University. I'm so happy to be part of this group and hoping try my best to complete my project. In addition, I have many hobbies. In my spare time I like to swimming, watching movies, playing ukulele and so on.  


2017级博士生 唐明 

Hello! I'm Ming Tang, come from Anhui Province. My major is condensed matter physics. Particularly, I have great interests in superconductivity and magnetism, and hope to have some discoveries about them. I like sports, especially basketball. I hope to enjoy research and life in the future.



2017级博士生 周令 

HelloI'm Zhou Ling from Hubei. I was born in Feb, 1995. My major is condensed matter physics, but I also get interested in engineering and computer science. I wish I can get improvement in all of these aspect during my doctor's degree through scientific research and laboratory construction. 


2017级博士生 张曹荣 

Hello I am Zhang Caorong , a graduate student in Nanjing University. It is my honor to be a part of IPE Group ,and I hope to discover novel physical phenomena to reveal the essence of physicsfor which I will go all out. 


2018级博士生 戴雪婷 

HelloMy name is Dai Xueting, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I was born in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province in November 1997. I believe that life is not all gloom and despondency, and would like to find the beauty of life. I enjoy flowers in spring, as well as the snow in winter. And now, I’m doing my utmost to discover the charm of physics.  


2018级博士生 孟奎 

Hello! My name is Meng Kui. I was born in August, 1996. I'm now studying in Nanjing University and majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I'm so glad to be part of the group of IPE, and hope that I can learn more about this profession in the next five years. 


2019级博士生 李泽亚 

HelloMy name is Zeya Li, an undergraduate of CEAS NJU, I was born in August, 1997. It is a great honor to be a part of IPE, which I think, provides a fantastic stage for me to explore the nature of physics and realize my life value. 



2019级博士生 敖铃翊 

Hi! My name is Ao Lingyi. I was born in July,1997. I like smiling, because all the good luck will come to a girl who loves laughing. So I joined the group of IPE. I hope I can make progress quickly here.


2019级博士生 段思羽 

Hello! I'm Duan Siyu, a sincere and optimistic girl. I was born in April, 1997. I advocate a minimalist life with less is more. Swimming is my favorite sport, but usually I will keep healthy by running. Honored to join this team. I hope to have a good understand of physics in the future and feel the broadness of the world in the study and research. 


2019级硕士生 程芳华 

Hello everyone, my name is Cheng Fanghua. I was born in December 1996. I like reading and listening to songs. My favorite sport is badminton. I am very happy to be a member of the group. I hope to learn more in the future. 


2019级硕士生 孙晓君 

Hellomy name is Sun Xiaojun, I was born in May,1997.I'm going to study in College of Engineering and Applied Sciences in July, 2019. I'm so happy to be part of this group. I hope to learn more knowledge in the following years. 


2020级博士生 毕翔宇 

Hi, I am Bi Xiangyu, 2020 PhD student from Harbin. Currently, I am focusing on low-dimensional correlated electron systems such as 2D superconductivity and ferromagnetism. I am crazy about badminton, detective novels and anime. My e-mail address is xybi@smail.nju.edu.cn, and you can feel free to contact me.

Join us and have fun together!   


2020级博士生 陈朋 

HelloI am Chen Peng, a member of the group of IPE. I'm good at assembling shelves, which is very interesting. If you also like it, I will teach you. Above all, I'm on the market. Welcome to join us!



2020级硕士生 田非凡 

Hello! I'm TianFeiFan, come from henan Province, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I'm so glad to be part of the group of IPE. Basketball is my favorite sport . Welcome to the IPE basketball team.



2020级硕士生 杨睿 

HelloI am Yang Rui, a member of the group of IPE.I graduated from NUAA and began my study in NJU in 2020.I hope I can know more knowledge and be happy in the future years.



2020级硕士生 饶俊豪 

Hello! My name is Rao Junhao. I come from Zhejiang Province and grew up in Changshu City. After graduating from Soochow University, I become a member of the group last year. Nice to meet everyone of the group and learn with each other.



2021级博士生 张怡临

Hello!I'm Zhang Yilin, from Xingtai, Hebei Province.I was born in July 1999 and I am very happy to be a member of IPE.I like mystery plays and novels. I like Agatha and Higashino Keigo very much.I hope the next few years will be fruitful!



2021级硕士生 隋铖奇 

Hello!I am Sui Chengqi from Heilongjiang Province, a member of the group of IPE.I graduated from Soochow University, majored in material science and engineering. I like sports and listening to music in my daily life. I hope to spend a fruitful postgraduate life. Welcome to join us.


2022级博士生 申艺成 

Hi, I'm Shen Yicheng. I graduated in Materials Physics from Wuhan University of Technology. Since September 2022, I've been a part of the IPE research group at Nanjing University for my PhD degree. In my free time, I enjoy watching documentaries, playing table tennis, swimming, and exploring different cuisines. Churchill's quote, Success is never final, Failure is never fatal, courage is what counts, inspires me in facing life's challenges. Looking forward to contributing to research and making new friends who share similar interests. 


2022级硕士生 钱玉婷 

Hi! I am Qian Yuting from Hefei, Anhui. I was fortunate enough to join the IPE family in September 2022, and it's great to meet everyone! I am a person with a wide range of interests and enthusiasm. In my spare time, I often enjoy myself with music, sports and literature. I like this poem of Su Dongpo very much——“Don't let thoughts of the past burden your hearts. Instead, try fresh tea and kindle new fires. Enjoy poetry, wine, and your time of youth.” I hope we can all be happy and fulfilling in our youth, and achieve in academic research. 


2022级硕士生 李泓佚 

Hello! I'm Li Hongyi from Sichuan Province. I graduated from Nanjing University and I joined the IPE group in early 2022. Currently I'm focusing on some functional materials, such as 2D superconductors and fluoride dielectrics. In my spare time I enjoy ACG/otaku contents and seldom touch grass, but I'd love to go out for some fun if you ask me to. I hope we'll all lead a wonderful life in our big group! 


2023级博士生 丁慧慧 

I am Ding Huihui, from Zhoukou, Henan Province. I was born on January 30, 2002. I majored in physics as an undergraduate and am currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering.I like to take photos and record life. IPE is not only a strong scientific research atmosphere but also a very warm family. People who love to laugh are not in bad luck, welcome to join IPE and join us in the fun of scientific research.   


2023级博士生 杨奥申 

Hello everyone, I am Yang Aoshen from Henan Province, China. I completed my undergraduate studies at the School of Physics, Zhengzhou University. In the diverse and complex world, one must steady the helm and march forward with determination is my favorite saying. I am honored to be a member of the IPE group. In my future academic, professional, and personal endeavors, I will always maintain a positive attitude and strive for excellence. I aim to efficiently complete tasks while delving into the mysteries of scientific research. My goal is to become a meticulous, practical, sincere, and determined individual.  



2023级硕士生 邓茜 

Hello! My name is  Deng Xi,  come from Jiangxi Ruijin. I was born in October, 2001. The spirit conveyed by the phrase Le vent se lève, il faut tenter de vivre is what I am striving for. I look forward to my growth and gains every day in IPE group, and it has been a pleasure to meet you all.



2023级硕士生 周添依 


My name is Zhou tianyi and was born in Ningbo,Zhejiang Province in 2000. I graduated from NJUST with my major in material science and technology. Life is an endless journey, as I always believed so, and we are all on our ways. I hope I could become a really expansive human being that is filled with curiosity, anticipation and courage here in IPE.


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