Selected Publications (*Corresponding author, *E  Equally-contributed first author)  


1.     H. T. Yuan, X. G. Liu, F. Afshinmanesh, W. Li, G. Xu, J. Sun, B. Lian, A. G. Curto, G. J. Ye, Y. Hikita, Z. X. Shen, S.-C. Zhang, X. H. Chen, M. Brongersma, H. Y. Hwang*, Y. Cui*.   

Polarization-sensitive broadband photodetector using a black phosphorus vertical p–n junction .     

Nature Nanotechnology  10, 707–713 (2015). 

2.    H. T. Yuan, X. Q. Wang, B. Lian, H. J. Zhang, X. F. Fang, B. Shen, G. Xu, Y. Xu, S.-C. Zhang, H. Y. Hwang*, Y. Cui*.    

Generation and electric control of spin–valley-coupled circular photogalvanic current in WSe2.   

Nature Nanotechnology  9, 851–857 (2014). 

3.   H. T. Yuan*, M. S. Bahramy*, K. Morimoto, S. F. Wu, K. Nomura, B.-J. Yang, H. Shimotani, R. Suzuki, M. Toh, C. Kloc, X. D. Xu, R. Arita, N. Nagaosa, Y. Iwasa*.    

Zeeman-type spin splitting controlled with an external electric field.   

Nature Physics  9 , 563–569 (2013). 

4.   J. X. Wu, H. T. Yuan*E, M. M. Meng, C. Chen, Y. Sun, Z. Y. Chen, W. H. Dang, C. W. Tan, Y. J. Liu, J. B. Yin, Y. B. Zhou, S. Y. Huang, H. Q. Xu, Y. Cui, H. Y. Hwang, Z. F. Liu, Y. L. Chen, B. H. Yan, H. L. Peng* .   

High electron mobility and quantum oscillations in non-encapsulated ultrathin semiconducting Bi2O2Se.  

Nature Nanotechnology  12, 530­–534 (2017). 

5.   Z. Zhao, H. J. Zhang, H. T. Yuan*E, S. B. Wang, Y. Lin, Q. S. Zeng, G. Xu, Z. X. Liu, G. K. Solanki, K. D. Patel, Y. Cui, H. Y. Hwang, W. L. Mao.  

Pressure induced metallization with absence of structural transition in layered molybdenum diselenide.   

Nature Communications  6, 7312 (2015). 

6.   E. F. Liu, Y. J. Fu, Y. J. Wang, Y. Q. Feng, H. M. Liu, X. G. Wan, W. Zhou, B. G. Wang*, L. B. Shao, C.-H. Ho, Y.-S. Huang, Z. Y. Cao, L. G. Wang, A. D. Li, J. W. Zeng, F. Q. Song, X. R. Wang, Y. Shi, H. T. Yuan* , H. Y. Hwang, Y. Cui, F. Miao*, D. Y. Xing.  

Integrated digital inverters based on two-dimensional anisotropic ReS2 field-effect transistors.   

Nature Communications  6, 6991 (2015). 

7.      Y. Yamada, K. Ueno, T. Fukumura, H. T. Yuan, H. Shimotani, Y. Iwasa, L. Gu, S. Tsukimoto, Y. Ikuhara, M. Kawasaki. Electrically induced ferromagnetism at room temperature in cobalt-doped titanium dioxide.   

Science  332, 10651067 (2011).  

8.     Y. J. Gong, H. T. Yuan, C. L. Wu, P. Z. Tang, S. Z. Yang, A. K. Yang, G. D. Li, B. F. Liu, J. van de Groep, M. L. Brongersma, M. F. Chisholm, S. C. Zhang, W. Zhou, Y. Cui,     

Spatially Controlled Doping of Two-Dimensional SnS2 through Intercalation for Electronics.      

Nature Nanotechnology 13, 294­–299 (2018).  

9.    X. G. Liu, J.-H. Kang, H. T. Yuan, J. Park, S. J. Kim, Y. Cui, H.Y. Hwang, M. L. Brongersma.

Electrical tuning of a quantum plasmonic resonance. 

Nature Nanotechnology 12, 866­–870 (2017). 

10.   K. Ueno, S. Nakamura, H. Shimotani, H. T. Yuan, N. Kimura, T. Nojima, H. Aoki, Y. Iwasa, M. Kawasaki.

       Discovery of superconductivity in KTaO3 by electrostatic carrier doping.   

Nature Nanotechnology 6, 408­–412 (2011). 

11.  C. Liu, D. S. Kong, P.-C. Hsu, H. T. Yuan, H.-W. Lee, Y. Y. Liu, H. T. Wang, S. Wang, K. Yan, D. C. Lin, P. A. Maraccini, K. M. Parker, A. B. Boehm, Y. Cui.   

Rapid water disinfection using vertically aligned MoS2 nanofilms and visible light.   

Nature Nanotechnology 11, 1098–1104 (2016). 

12.  J. Sun , H.-W. Lee , M. Pasta , H. T. Yuan, G. Y. Zheng , Y. M. Sun , Y. Z. Li , Y. Cui .  

A phosphorene–graphene hybrid material as a high-capacity anode for sodium-ion batteries.   

Nature Nanotechnology 10, 980–985 (2015). 

13.  J. T. Ye, S. Inoue, K. Kobayashi, Y. Kasahara, H. T. Yuan, H. Shimotani, Y. Iwasa.  

Liquid-gated interface superconductivity on an atomically flat film.   

Nature Materials 9, 125–128 (2010). 

14.  K. Shibata, H. T. Yuan, Y. Iwasa, K. Hirakawa.    

Large modulation of zero-dimensional electronic states in quantum dots by electric-double-layer gating.   

Nature Communications 4 , 2664    (2013). 

15.  J. B. Yin, Z. J. Tan, H. Hong, J. X. Wu, H. T. Yuan, Y. J. Liu, C. Chen, C. W. Tan, F. R. Yao, Y. L. Chen, Z. F. Liu, K. H. Liu, H. L. Peng.    

Ultrafast, highly-sensitive infrared photodetectors based on two-dimensional oxyselenide crystals  .      

Nature Communications 9, 3311 (2018) .   

16.   Z. Y. Chen, A. G. Swartz, H. Yoon, H. Inoue, T. Merz, D. Lu, Y. W. Xie, H. T. Yuan, Y. Hikita, S. Raghu, H. Y. Hwang. Carrier density and disorder tuned superconductor-metal transition in a two-dimensional electron system  .      

Nature Communications 9, 4008 (2018).  

17. H. T. Yuan, H. T. Wang, Y. Cui.  

Two-dimensional layered chalcogenides: from rational synthesis to property control via orbital occupation and electron filling.   

Accounts of Chemical Research  48, 81–90 (2015). 

18.  H. T. Wang, H. T. Yuan, S. S. Hong, Y. B. Li, Y. Cui.  

Physical and chemical tuning of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides.   

Chemical Society Reviews  44, 2664–2680 (2015).  

19.  C. Chen, M. X. Wang, J. X. Wu, H. X. Fu, H. F. Yang, Z. Tian, T. Tu, H. Peng, Y. Sun, X. Xu, J. Jiang, N. B. M. Schröter, Y. W. Li, D. Pei, S. Liu, S. A. Ekahana1, H. T. Yuan, J. M. Xue, G. Li, J. F. Jia, Z. K. Liu, B. H. Yan, H. L. Peng, Y. L. Chen.  

Electronic Structures and Unusually Robust Bandgap in an Ultrahigh Mobility Layered Oxide Semiconductor   , Bi2O2Se ,   

Science Advance 4, 8355 (2018).  

20.  J. T. Ye, M. F. Craciun, M. Koshino, S. Russo, S. Inoue, H. T. Yuan, H. Shimotani, A. F. Morpurgo, Y. Iwasa.  

Accessing the transport properties of graphene and its multilayers at high carrier density .  

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.  108, 13002–13006 (2011).

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